Aloñzó Del Réy Biography

Meet Aloñzo Del Réy –excellence has guided his career. A man who is an award winning professional hair artist with a soon to open Beverly Hills salon is launching his innovative hair product line to the world, a natural next step in a storied career.

Penn State College molded Aloñzo. Playing college football
taught him the value of team work. He graduated from the
College of Cosmetology in New York City and immediately
moved to London to train with Vidal Sassoon. That was his
turning point. Aloñzo zoned in, honed his craft and the extensive training inspired him to be one of the best in the business. While still in training in London, he worked at Paris Fashion Week and Londonderry, where his remarkable skills were becoming noticed. Three years later he returned to the United States to be mentored by the best mother- daughter professional hair artist duo in the beauty industry – Deanna McCord, and Gloria Vanhook as well as the amazing Unis Payne. These three women saw the man as the hair artist he could be and pushed him to be the best.

Women have played an indelible part in Aloñzo’s professional life. At a young age his mother, Francesca Theordoria emphasized discipline while giving him a solid foundation. Her Parisian principles helped push all her children to choose a profession they love and then to
become the best in that field. His New York family of Clare, Caroline and Elizabeth Blum gave him the confidence to meet his mother’s goals. And, Joel, you are a big help, too. Family is important to Aloñzo.

“To love what we do and who we become is so important”.

Legendary Style

Stepping off his flight from London and Vidal Sassoon training, Aloñzo’s career took off at Bergdorf & Goodman and the New York Fashion Week, also known as the Mercedes Benz of Fashion.

It was an easy step for Aloñzo to move into high profile work with models, film, TV and more, before achieving a primary goal of landing in the "The Industry,” The Movie Industry. Susan Lipscomb mentored his path to the motion film industry and Paramount Pictures culminating in the Los Angeles Outstanding Hair Artist award.

More awards would come his way. Aloñzo’s opportunities in Dallas, TX began with his association with Stanley Marcus at Neiman Marcus. President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush were not only clients but also friends.

President Bush’s words “Go get it son! You are a household name,” became added inspiration for Aloñzo, who continues greatness at his craft. His road to excellence has been paved with people believing in Aloñzo and his desire to create impeccable hair design every day.