Aloñzó Del Réy Biography

Meet Aloñzo Del Réy – award winning Cosmetology Professional Hair Artist, with an up-and-coming salon in Beverly Hills, CA and now launching his innovative and much needed hair product line to the world! Aloñzo attended Penn State College, which molded him, and playing on the college football team taught him how to be a team player. After college, he went on to complete beauty school at the College of Cosmetology in New York City, and after graduation Aloñzo immediately moved to London to train with Vidal Sassoon! It was there where he zoned in, and honed in on his craft, and the extensive training at Vidal Sassoon inspired him to strive to be one of the best hair artists ever! While training in London, he got to work at Paris Fashion Week and Londonderry. His skills were noticeably becoming impeccable, and after 3 yrs in London, he moved back to the United States where he was mentored by the best mother/daughter professional hair artist duo in the beauty industry – Deanna McCord, and Gloria Vanhook and the amazing Unis Payne!

These 3 women pushed him to be the best! Other mentors include Aloñzo’s parents, both of whom are physicians, teaching discipline and giving him an impeccable foundation. His Mother, Francesca Theordoria, originally from Paris, pushed her children to choose something they love to do, and become the best they can professionally. Aloñzo believes having our parents and grandparents around in our younger years helps to mold all of us! To love what we do and who we become is so important.

Legendary Style

After coming back to the USA, he immediately got hired, at Bergdorf & Goodman! From that point he started working New York City Fashion Week, the otherwise known as, Mercedes Benz of Fashion – NYC Fashion Week! From there, Aloñzo was taking on many high-profile jobs working throughout the night – doing hair for models, film, TV shows, and more, pushing him forward to finally achieving his goal of arriving in "The Industry" – The Movie Industry!

One of his favorite mentors was Susan Lipscomb. Susan helped develop him and guide him to the path of working for Paramount Pictures and the Motion Film Industry, and eventually won an award from Paramount Studios Movies for Los Angeles’s Most Outstanding Hair Artist!

Through the years Aloñzo has won various other awards, and had the great honour to meet and work with Stanley Marcus while working at Neiman Marcus in Northpark. Another great honor was the opportunity to work with President George W. Bush and the First Lady, Laura Bush for the United Nation addresses at Waldorf Astoria. President George W. Bush mentioned to him that he has went as high as he can go, working with them and telling him that everything is in between. “Go get it son! You are a household name,” and Aloñzo keeps going and getting better.